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You have reached Roseus, the only TFL listed fanlisting for the beautiful colour Pink. Thank you to Aly for allowing me to adopt this fanlisting, I am so grateful! Roseus is listed under the Miscellaneous - Colours category at The Fanlistings Network.

If you love the colour Pink please head over to the join page and add your name to the list. If you have a website make sure you grab a code to display. There are a heap of new ones as well as the gorgeous ones Aly made. :) Before you leave make sure you check out the About section which includes trivia such as the "Top 10 Famous Things That Are Pink", an assortment of pink icons and more.


Owned By: Raina
Previous Owners: Aly

Last updated: 04th December 2022

Member count: 1002, 1 pending
Newest members: Robert Clouth

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